Singapore has a burgeoning tech scene and we're thrilled to be both a participant and serving it! From software to hardware, from PaaS to IaaS to SaaS, from development firms to specialist tech consultants we tailor your chart of accounts for that of a technology company and account within that framework.
Whether you are registered, fully licensed with the MAS or not conducting regulated activities, we're geared up to serve your accounting functions. Rest assured your accounts will be tailored to your industry and unique circumstance and be Singapore FRS compliant. We seamlessly partner up with Public Accountants whom can assist with your Audit and Assurance needs, so that base is also covered.
Singapore attracts some of the best professional talent in Asia and we're delighted to support the industry. Be it process and accounting for expenses for client entertainment or ensuring you are correctly deducting expenses against client projects, we're set up to handle it.
Whether you have a Liquor License, Food Shop License or both, having squeaky clean Singapore FRS compliance accounts are critical to staying in check with the regulators and ensuring you have the data to make fast decisions in a busy F&B environment. We also provide full GST support including setup, (paid and received) and IRAS quarterly GST filings.
We like retail, be it online or offline or a combination. It's fast moving, transaction volume intensive and payment and inventory somewhat complex. Working with us, Xero and all their integrated apps the environment is positioned to serve retail. We also provide full GST support including setup, tax (paid and received) and IRAS quarterly GST filings.
Many of the regions top Media and Publishing companies call Singapore home and thus tend to run somewhat complex cross border finances. Rest assured we deal in multiple currencies and can process receipts and invoices in multiple languages.
The largest industry in terms of number of active companies, this sector is incredibly diversified and competitive. Having accurate and fast accounting of your business transactions, notably lumpy ingoing and outgoing payments, will get you the agility needed to compete and succeed. It's our pleasure to support this important industry to Singapore.
Singapore's real estate industry is a world leader in design, management and building innovation and we aim to match it with innovation in Corporate Services.
Who doesn't love a bit of sport (watching and/or doing!). From gyms to personal trainers, from yoga classes to HIIT sessions, Singapore has a vibrant sporting scene. We're honoured to support the corporate services needs of this lifestyle industry.
Only Italy, Iceland and Switzerland rank above Singapore in terms of health according to Bloomberg's 2017 Healthiest Country Index. Not bad! It's only fair that zero stress and energy be spent on Accounting and Tax matters and we're thrilled to do our bit to help out.