About Zave

From our own experience and those of our friends and peers, the need to build technology to help the burgeoning small and medium class of enterprises seamlessly outsource their Accounting functions was apparent.

So in early 2017 we dug deep in our network of technology entrepreneurs and accountants and put to them how they would envision the delivery of an online professional services firm to seamlessly meet these routine needs.

Zave was was the result of this work, a technology enabled accounting firm built from the ground up and custom integrated with the nifty bookkeeping software that all accountants and bookkeepers love (including us!), Xero.

We're excited to welcome you to your very own online accounting department, keeping you on top of all your accounting needsas if you had a team of dedicated resources sitting right next to you .. and probably better.

No more chains of emails, no more excel spreadsheets. You stay happy, your books stay professionally kept, ACRA gets what they need and the IRAS doesn't fine you for late tax submissions. Oh, and we'll probably save you some tax by ensuring all your expenses are captured and correctly booked.

This should make things a lot easier, so let us help you get back to doing what you love, and leave the rest to us.